Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Knoepfler Award Update: More than a Baker's Dozen Nominated

As of this week, 14 persons have been recommended for the Knoepfler “Stem Cell Person of the Year” Award.

The total was reported by Paul Knoepfler, the UC Davis stem cell scientist and blogger, who is putting up $1,000 for the winner of the honor.

Knoepfler announced his award plans earlier this month, declaring that he wanted to recognize scientists or others who “truly made a difference” in the stem field. Risk-taking is one important criteria.

Knoepfler said,
“It’s something that I’m hoping I can do every year. It would also be a reward for risk taking, creativity and be breaking with tradition and be something new in that regard.” 
The award has drawn some modest attention outside of Knoepfler's blog. A few days after he introduced the award on his blog, UC Davis decided to put out a press release and video on it. The California Stem Cell Report followed with an item. Then CIRM blogged it as well.

So far we have not detected any stories about the award in the mainstream media, but things could change.

Deadline for entries is Dec. 17.

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