Monday, November 19, 2012

Researcher Alert: Keeping Tabs on the Stem Cell Exchequer

The California stem cell agency has posted the dates for meetings of its board of directors for 2013 with most of the sessions scheduled for the San Francisco Bay Area.

One is expected to take place in San Diego in August, and another in Los Angeles 13 months from now. The other five are in Northern California. Not yet on the schedule is a board workshop in early January that will be open to the public.

Why is this of interest to researchers and others? The  board controls the purse strings to $3 billion for research grants and determines what areas are to be funded. Astute scientists would do well to take in the sessions. They offer insights into board thinking and opportunities to deal with the agency staff and directors on an informal basis. Only a handful of researchers – or less – attend the meetings on a regular basis, but have been well-served by the time spent. 

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