Saturday, May 27, 2006

BioCentury: NIH Looking Korean Stem Cell Lines

BioCentury, which offers business intelligence for the biotech industry, has come up with an item concerning the use of Korean stem cell lines in the United States. It is not clear whether any California institutions are affected.

Here is the headline and lead paragragh:
"NIH halts use of Korean stem cell line

"An NIH spokesperson said the institute has received 'credible information' that a South Korean hospital has replaced a federally approved human embryonic stem cell line with an unapproved cell line. NIH's John Burklow told BioCentury that the institute has launched an investigation, and NIH intramural and extramural researchers will be notified that they should halt all research involving the Miz-hES1 stem cell line from the MizMedi Women's Hospital in Seoul. NIH estimates that three of its intramural scientists and a "handful" of extramural grantees have received Miz-hES1 cells and will have to halt ongoing projects."
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