Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ortiz' CIRM Bill Delayed Until August

Action on sweeping legislation to tighten oversight of the California stem cell agency has been put off until late this summer.

The measure, SB401 by Sen. Deborah Ortiz, D-Sacramento, was amended at her request to eliminate a provision to place it on the fall ballot. That removed the most imperative reason for quick action on the bill. (See "critical elements." )

Her office said the proposal will not be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee until August when the committee takes up other Senate-passed bills. CIRM's Oversight Commmittee is scheduled to discuss its position on the measure at a meeting Friday.

Another stem cell measure by Ortiz, who is the most influential state legislator on stem cell matters, cleared the Senate floor this week and moved to the Assembly.

That bill, SB1260, is aimed at protecting women who donate eggs for stem cell research. It would not affect research financed by the stem cell agency, which has approved separate standards.

This is Ortiz' last term as a state senator and chair of the Senate Health Committee. She is running in next week's primary election for the Democratic nomination for California secretary of state.

See this link for the latest Senate analysis of SB1260. See this link for the CIRM analysis. Sphere: Related Content

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