Friday, November 17, 2006

CGS Package of Stem Cell Items

The Center for Genetics and Society has a tidy wrapup of a bunch of stem cell developments in its latest newsletter on its web site. The items range from politics to a look at a "groundbreaking proposal on human biotech policy."

Some excerpts:
"The election results don't support the 'overwhelming mandate' or 'successful wedge' interpretation of some pundits. But the political winds have clearly shifted. "

"Francis Fukuyama and Franco Furger have just
released the most comprehensive analysis and set of recommendations on governance of human biotechnologies in the United States that has been prepared to date."

The book is called "Beyond Bioethics: A Proposal for Modernizing the Regulation of Human Biotechnologies."

CGS also had an item on a little-noticed meeting in October: "Toward Fair Cures: Integrating the Benefits of Diversity in the California Stem Cell Research Act was a first-of-its-kind conference on minority health disparities and stem cell research."

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