Monday, November 06, 2006

Stem Cell Snippets: Galas to Free Stem Cell Movies

Here are some short notes and links to items connected to California stem cell issues.

Shades of Arnold -- The celebrated stem cell fund raiser last spring in San Francisco has not yet resulted in one dollar for CIRM. The agency told the California Stem Cell Report that it knows of no reason for the delay or the size of the contribution to CIRM, if one is forthcoming.

IP – CIRM's IP Task Force meets this Thursday in La Jolla to wrestle with rules for sharing possible stem cell booty with business. The proposed IP policy says, "There are no extant policy models that capture in entirety the intent of the State of California in its objectives to fund the for-profit research sector and provide a return to the state. As a consequence, this proposed policy is a unique synthesis of best practices and recommendations from funding agencies and foundations around the world." The Task Force may hear from representatives of businesses in the San Diego area. You can participate in the session at offsite locations at San Carlos in the Bay Area and UC Irvine. Here is the agenda.
Good Old Days – Writer Paul Billings in New Scientist magazine longs for the days when the feds reigned supreme. He remains fond of national funding models, despite their failings in ESC research. And he says Prop. 71's "most visible outcome to date has been the creation of a new bureaucracy." We should note that CIRM's staff totals about 20, probably less than the staff of the magazine.

Free Stem Cell Movies – A stellar cast of San Diego stem cell scientists with cameo performances from two CIRM character actors is featured in a 17-chapter ESC video serial available on the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology website. The videos are from an invitation-only conference called "Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa." Lots of science, plenty on ethics and a bit on policy and business.

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