Tuesday, November 06, 2007

CIRM Offers $300,000 PR Contract

"Anonymous" posted a comment on our "communications void" item below that merits some attention. Here it is, and here is the link to the RFP that the comment mentions. Our thanks to "anonymous."
"FYI - There is an RFP out for PR firms. The below is from Odwyerpr.com


"California's state-backed entity set up to distribute funds for stem cell research has issued a six-figure RFP for state, national and global public information and communications work.

"The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine is backed by $3 billion in bonds and distributes funds via an independent citizens' oversight committee, which plans to dole out nearly $300M each year over the next decade.

"The Institute has issued an RFP for a firm to handle its public information needs for the next year with a budget capped at $300K. The work includes a full media relations program, strategic counsel, outreach to patient advocacy and health organizations, and internal communications.

"The CIRM wants a firm steeped in education and advocacy for scientific and medical research, public funding and related topics.

"Proposals are due Nov. 30."

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