Thursday, November 08, 2007

How to Wrestle with Requests for $227 Million: CIRM Agenda Vague

The California stem cell agency will deal once again next week with its plans for its largest round of grants ever, but exactly what is on the agenda is a virtual mystery.

No matter. If you are looking for some cash to build labs, you better be at the Facilities Working Group session Nov. 15. The details are what counts here, and missing one could mean the loss of tens of millions of dollars.

On the agenda is something listed only as "Consideration of Process and Procedures for Major Facilities Grants Review Meeting." We queried CIRM for more details. None were forthcoming. Perhaps they will be available in time for applicants and other interested parties to make plans to be in San Francisco.

The facilities group will be dealing with the applications for $227 million in lab construction grants next year, following the scientific review and the first cut in January by the Oversight Committee. The scientific review will be behind closed doors but the facilities group session is scheduled to be public.

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