Monday, June 02, 2008

CIRM To Update Goals; Watchdog Urges Openness

The California stem cell agency is moving to revise its strategic plan, as well it should as the field has changed and the ambitious, original goals have not been met.

Just how the changes will be made is unclear. But John M. Simpson of Consumer Watchdog is urging an open process that reflects the spirit of the original proposal. Simpson wrote on his blog:

"...(I)t is essential that the the methodology in developing the plan not be scrapped.

"Key to the plan was the open and transparent way it was developed. Hearings were held around the state. Seventy interviews with 73 individuals were conducted. The interview team even asked me what I thought. Strategic Plan Advisory Committee meetings were public.

"I'm not saying the update needs to take as much, time but certainly it must have the same inclusive approach if it is to win the same broad-based support from all stakeholders that the original plan enjoyed."

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