Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Murphy and Koch: IP and Presidential Consulting

The California stem cell agency has picked up a couple of consultants – one for intellectual property and one to advise its president – with contracts totalling $230,000.

Nancy Koch
(see photo) has been hired part-time for six months through Oct. 7 on a $150,000 contract to deal with IP matters. Richard Murphy snagged an $80,000, four-month contract to assist CIRM President Alan Trounson. It is Murphy's third tour of duty at the $3 billion agency.

Murphy first served on CIRM's board of directors and then as the $300,000, six-month interim president at CIRM. His latest contract runs through July 31.

In response to a query, CIRM reported that Koch was deputy general counsel of Chiron Corp. and its successor Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Inc. During 11 years at Chiron/Novartis, Koch was responsible for a wide range of intellectual property matters including litigation and licensing. Between 1983 and 1995, Ms. Koch worked at the Farella, Braun and Martel law firm in San Francisco.

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  1. Inspection of the USPTO attorney roster reveals nine registered patent attorneys with last name Koch, none of whom appear to be Nancy Koch of California. The hiring of an attorney not registered to practice before the USPTO to give advice to CIRM on intellectual property matters speaks volumes.

    On Koch, see also information on zoominfo.


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