Tuesday, June 08, 2010

CIRM and Aussie Hopes

Earlier today we carried an item about the hope of some Australian stem cell researchers that California would come to their financial aid.

We queried CIRM concerning the news report. Don Gibbons, CIRM's chief communications officer, replied,
“We are in discussion with the the Australian MRC regarding a potential
agreement like the one we have already for the state of Victoria. It would
be bound by the same stipulations as all our other international agreements,
which means California money would only fund Californians. I think the folks
there hope the opportunity to leverage both their monetary and intellectual
capital with ours might encourage more government support there.”
Gibbons also said the reporter on the Australian story, Andrew Trounson, was not related to Alan Trounson, the president of CIRM and former Australian stem cell researcher.

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  1. Of an alternative viewpoint, a comment made on receiving a patent:

    “International Stem Cell Corporation is particularly proud of these accomplishments because we have been funded thus far entirely by investors, without NIH or other governmental aid,” said Jeffrey Janus, senior vice president of ISCO.


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