Monday, June 28, 2010

Top 10 Tips for Snagging Cash from CIRM

For businesses seeking clues about how to win cash from the $3 billion California stem cell agency, a UC Davis researcher is offering 10 free tips.

We took a look today at the advice offered up by Paul Knoepfler on his blog. It all makes good sense to us. But what do know? We have never received a grant from CIRM. Knoepfler has.

Here are a couple of his suggestions.

No. 3 –
“Read the RFA very carefully. Perhaps even read it 5 times. It may seem straightforward, but think about the key words being emphasized by the funding agency.”
No. 6 –
“Hire professional grant writers with experience in industry and academia. This is an investment well-spent.”
We also have a couple of our own.

Attend meetings of the CIRM board of directors, particularly those dealing with grant approval. Nothing else will inform you as well concerning the board's thinking on grants. You will also have to a chance to meet some of the very sharp people who control the purse strings.

Read all of the extraordinary petitions filed by rejected grant applicants. Read at least 50 or more of the summaries of reviewers' comments on applications, splitting the material between top-ranked grants and ones that did not make the grade.

Good luck!

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