Thursday, July 08, 2010

CIRM Improving Web Site, Easier to Navigate, Better Organized

The California stem cell agency has made some improvements in its Web site aimed at making it easier to use and more helpful to the public.

One good change deals with the way it presents the information concerning the meetings of the agency, improving the organization and making it more intuitive. The new presentation should be more useful to the public and also save time for CIRM. You can find upcoming meetings, transcripts and agendas, complete with background material on the meetings pages.

Other changes involve the disease and governing board pages. The disease pages help people interested in stem cell research and particular diseases. Amy Adams, CIRM's communications manager,  said they now “include resource links, info about grants we've funded in those disease, and links to videos and outside resources. I think these pages are an excellent resource for the community. We'll be adding to these over time.”

The governing board pages provide a better entry point for finding information on the 29 directors of the $3 billion enterprise.

The CIRM has also tried to make it easier for folks around the globe looking for stem cell information. They are optimizing the site to make it easier for “strangers” to CIRM to find the location through Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Adams says more changes are in the works. One that we would like to see is a major improvement in the internal search engine – the one that is used to come up with facts and figures actually on the site.

The CIRM Web site has a huge amount of information on it. More is to come. Good organization and navigation tools make it even more useful to the public and CIRM's special constituencies.

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