Friday, July 02, 2010

Comment on Lewis' $250,000 Contract

An anonymous comment was filed this morning on the “$250,000 Lewis” item. We are publishing it here instead of the usual posting as a “comment.” The reason being that, as filed, the post contained a personal remark about Alan Trounson, one that could be considered potentially libelous. We encourage all those posting comments to avoid personal remarks about all individuals. Comments about how individuals perform their jobs are acceptable and may be extremely forceful.

Here is the comment as edited. We substituted “wildly” for the originally phrase in the comment.
“Interesting..first the budget fiasco and now the stealth hiring of Lewis with a contract number just below one requiring governing board scrutiny. Methinks Trounson believes he is a law unto himself and that he need not seek approval for any activity or spending. While state workers get minimum wage, Trounson spends (wildly).”

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