Thursday, September 08, 2011

CIRM Pay: Learning From the Internet's Viral Force

The viral nature of cyberspace and its impact on the California stem cell agency was demonstrated again this week in an item on the Business Law Daily Internet site in Sacramento.

 The subject was CIRM salaries. Writer Chriz Rizo of the Business Law Daily picked up our item earlier this week on the salary issue along with information from the Sunday article by Ramon Solis at the Orange County Register.

 Rizo's piece brought the salary matter to a new set of readers. The article was a clear demonstration of how media has been altered in the last 20 years. In that long past era, Solis' piece would have started and stopped in Orange County. Now it is accessible to widely separated audiences and additional Internet editors and writers globally, who are always hungry for something fresh. And in the future, Solis' piece and related articles will invariably turn up as reporters – not to mention the general public – google CIRM's activities.

That can be a plus and a minus for CIRM. The pieces on salaries are not a positive for CIRM. But if the agency learns to exploit the viral energy of the Internet with favorable stories, the power of cyberspace could turn to CIRM's favor.

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