Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Modest Coverage This Morning of Geron's California Patient

The San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle this morning picked up on the enrollment of the first Californian in Geron's historic clinical trial for a human embryonic stem cell therapy.

The role of the $3 billion California stem cell agency in the trial was noted in the Chronicle piece by Erin Allday but was ignored in thearticle by Lisa Krieger in the San Jose paper. also carried a piece that mentioned CIRM's $25 million loan to Geron.

The three stories were all that turned up this morning in our searches, beyond the coverage reported yesterday.

The stories were heavy on the science on the clinical trial, which is designed to test the safety of the Geron therapy. Allday quoted Arnold Kriegstein, director of stem cell research at UCSF, as saying,
"The public needs to understand that no one expects these spinal-injured patients to get up and start walking. It's not likely to cause any dramatic improvement or any improvement at all."

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