Friday, August 31, 2012

Bob Klein, "Lobbying" and Reader Reaction

A robust discussion has arisen concerning Bob Klein and his appearance last month before the governing board of the $3 billion California stem cell agency, a body that he once chaired and an enterprise that he once oversaw.

The comments were triggered by the original "unseemly performance" item on the California Stem Cell Report and a subsequent comment by Francisco Prieto, a longtime member of the board.

The comments discussed whether Klein was manipulated and whether he was engaged in so-called “revolving door” activity – the practice of former government officials, such as Klein, becoming paid representatives of enterprises that were involved with their former agency.

The comments raise a number of interesting questions that we will discuss on the California Stem Cell Report during the next few days.

You can read the remarks by going to this item and scrolling down to the end of the piece.

(Editor's note: Our apologies to some of those who commented for the delay in posting their remarks.)

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