Sunday, February 09, 2014

California's Stem Cell Genomics Award: Text of Comments from Stanford-Salk Consortium

In response to a query from the California Stem Cell Report seeking comment on the review process for a $40 million stem genomics award, Michael Snyder of Stanford and Joe Ecker of the Salk Institute in La Jolla provided these remarks. Their application was the ultimate winner.
“The goal of this program was to create a cutting edge center that would accelerate stem cell research with the power of new genomics technologies and to help all researchers get access to these technologies.  Our group made considerable effort to bring together world leading genomics and stem cell researchers from across the state of California. This exceptional group has extensive experience with all types of genomics activities (genome sequencing, gene expression analysis, regulatory site mapping, genome methylation analysis, single cell genomics, and in fact has many of inventors of these technologies. We have the sophisticated ability of handling large datasets, processing them in unified fashion and making them accessible to other researchers. The Directors and many of the participants have unique experience managing large genomics projects and working in large consortia, and very importantly, has a great deal of experience in helping hundreds of researchers within and outside our institutions with diverse genomics technologies which is a major goal of the program. The team received considerable of institutional support from each of the seven participating institutions (Stanford, Salk, UCSC, UCSD, Scripps, JCVI, Ludwig Institute, in addition to HHMI), and many members have strong interface with industry and in founding biotechnology companies. The net result is that this center will help bring cutting edge technologies to all Stem Cell Researchers in California and along with the funded projects will help keep California at the leading edge of two important fields: Stem Cell Research and Genomics, and thereby help accelerate both the science and therapeutics treatments possible in this field, and spur industry and economic development.”

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