Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Asterias-Geron hESC Trial and Funding Reported in The Scientist

The Scientist magazine today picked up on the item on the California Stem Cell Report that said that Asterias Therapeutics would receive $14.3 million to continue the human embryonic stem cell trial that was abandoned by Geron.

The Scientist article by Jef Akst was headlined, Geron hESC Trial to Resume? Nearly three years after Geron shuttered its stem cell program, BioTime receives funding to relaunch a Phase 1 trial for spinal cord injury.”

The brief piece largely cited information contained in our May 22 item. Akst also said that Asterias, a subsidiary of Biotime, and the California stem cell agency, which is expected to provide the cash, declined to comment.

Asterias also has reported successful results from the first phase of the trial. 

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