Sunday, November 16, 2014

Patient Advocate Roman Reed on Stem Cell Agency Record

Roman Reed on right at stem cell agency news event. Former
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is on left and Don
Reed, Roman's father is in the center.
Associated Press photo

Roman Reed, the patient advocate who came up with the motto of the California stem cell agency, was asked for a brief comment for the 10th anniversary piece today in The Sacramento Bee that was was written by David Jensen, the publisher of this blog.

Here is the text of what Reed had to say via email: 
“The California Institute of Regenerative Medicine-CIRM can summed up in three words: Beacon of Hope. 
 “California’s Proposition 71 is the support, the foundation for the research that will one day give us the cures that we so desperately need. 
 “Today, there are nearly one dozen human clinical trials supported by CIRM!  (With another 40 diseases already planned for to go to trial in the pipeline.)
 “We Need CIRM. 
 “I am honored to have helped passed CIRM, Bob Klein's vision, California prop 71. This is a legacy that we leave to the People of California and the World. 
 “CIRM Is the World's greatest hope for Medical Cures!”

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