Thursday, October 22, 2015

Speedy Session Today for Directors of $3 Billion California Stem Cell Effort

The $3 billion California stem cell agency today whipped through a 28-minute meeting that featured no public comment on its activities and almost no questions from its governing board.

Approved unanimously were three items that its governing board treated in routine fashion. They included changes in its loan program and conference grants along with appointment of new grant reviewers. 

The changes in the loan procedures and other related grant administration rules must go through additional state processes before final action.

Today’s meeting had 22 teleconference locations throughout the state but no members of the public or the scientific or business community spoke up from those sites. The board has another teleconference meeting scheduled for Nov. 19. The next in-person governing board meeting will be in Los Angeles on Dec. 17. 

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  1. David- I was at one of the locations, but there wasn't much to say about the items brought up at the meeting. I certainly approve of feeding conference attendees, and I have no substantive suggestions about the loan program.


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