Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Stem Cell Offering to 4 Million Readers in Southern California

The Los Angeles Times today carried an article on the California stem cell agency and its far-reaching plans to create an industrial stem cell powerhouse in the Golden State.

Why is that particularly significant? Because the Times has a Sunday readership of roughly 4 million online and in print. The Times also rarely carries "straight" news coverage of the agency, although L.A. institutions are awash in more than half-a-billion dollars in cash from the agency.

The agency has been largely ignored by the mainstream media in recent years, a subject of some concern to some members of its governing board. They would like to see much more favorable coverage of the agency's efforts.

The Times gave the stem cell story some online prominence with better display than many others. However, that sort of display changes as the day wears on and editors refresh Web pages.

The story originally appeared Friday in San Diego Union-Tribune and was written by Bradley Fikes. The Los Angeles Times and the San Diego paper are owned by the same company and share stories from time to time. Fikes traveled more than three hours from San Diego to cover the story at a meeting of the agency's governing board. The meeting was only 30 minutes away from the Times newsroom.

See here for an earlier piece about media coverage of the agency's $890 million spending plan.

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