Friday, May 22, 2020

$5.5 Billion California Stem Cell Countdown: Total Raw Signatures Now in With 924,213

One key step is now complete in the effort to qualify a $5.5 billion stem cell initiative for the November ballot in California and save its stem cell research program from running out of money.

The "raw" count of signature is finished with a total of 924,213, according to state election officials. That is almost exactly the same as the 925,000 figure that  campaign backers said they had submitted weeks ago.

The proposed ballot measure needs 623,212 valid signatures of registered voters to qualify. The count of valid or projected valid signatures stands at 75,484 as of late yesterday afternoon. The rate of rejected signatures is running at 22 percent. 

A number of populous counties have yet to report on their validation figures including Los Angeles, with 298,147 raw signatures, and San Diego, with 99,899. 

Counties have until June 24 to complete their count.

Look for an update later today or early tomorrow on the count right here on the California Stem Cell Report

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