Thursday, August 13, 2020

Need Money? California Stem Cell Agency Offering Cash for Clinical Stage Proposals

 Want to be one of the last researchers in the Golden State to get cash from the $3 billion California stem cell agency?

That's a possibility if you act before Aug. 31. The agency has reopened its clinical trial stage round and has issued a special call for proposals.  The agency is running out of money and is hoping that voters will provide $5.5 billion more by approving Proposition 14 on the fall ballot. 

But it has enough left that to be able to finance two proposals in this area. The agency said in an announcement, 

"The objective of this program announcement is to create a highly competitive partnering opportunity to accelerate the completion of a clinical trial for a promising stem or progenitor cell-based treatment that addresses an unmet medical need. 

"Under this program, CIRM will act not only as a funding agency, but will also devote significant internal resources and leverage its external team of world-class subject matter experts to actively advance the project. The result of a successful application will be the formation of a true partnership that both accelerates the program and gives it the greatest opportunity for success."

For more information see here. 

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