Thursday, August 13, 2020

Voting on Life or Death for California Stem Cell Agency Begins in October -- Not November

Don't be fooled by the talk about an election in November. Voting on the $5.5 billion stem cell bond measure, Proposition 14, actually begins early in October -- not Nov. 3. 

That is a critical fact of life for the campaign on behalf of the measure. With voting starting in October, backers and opponents will have to persuade voters early.  Late October or Nov. 3 will be too late to capture the votes of millions. 

It is not as if the folks in the mainstream media are trying to deceive when they refer to the November date. The first Tuesday in November has long been a traditional election day in presidential races. But it is the final day for voting -- not the only one -- something that is well known to political professionals. 

It is especially important this year because all 20 million or so registered voters in California are scheduled to receive their ballots by mail -- not just those who have previously signed up for absentee ballots. 

That means that many voters will be casting their ballots in less than two short months -- not three -- and making their decisions on whether the California stem cell agency should live or die. The agency is running out of its original $3 billion and will begin closing its doors this fall if Proposition 14 fails. 

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