Tuesday, January 19, 2021

California Stem Cell Board Faces its Future in Late January Meeting

Directors of the $12 billion California stem cell agency will meet on Jan. 28 to examine the new and sweeping scope of their changing enterprise, now remodeled in a major way by voters as a result of the last fall's election.

Affordability, mental health and "aging as a pathology" are all part of the new charter for the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine(CIRM). Its governing board has scheduled a four-hour online session on the 28th that is open to public comment, questions and criticism. 

Read about the meeting in an item posted this morning on a new platform for this blog, the California Stem Cell Report (CSCR), the only independent information source devoted solely to the  Golden State's 16-year-old research program, the first of its kind in state history. 

The blog's migration to a new platform is aimed at improving service to readers and helping to bring a new focus to our coverage, which began in January 2005 and which has resulted in 5,000 items since then.

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