Tuesday, January 26, 2021

CIRM Lays Out New Path: Funding More Buildings, More Research and Into New Territories (Personalized Medicine, Therapy Delivery)

California’s stem cell agency has for the first time laid out in some detail its view of the sweeping scope of its new charter -- approved by voters last fall and which directs the program into areas such as personalized medicine and therapy delivery over the next decade or so. 

The agency’s perspective will be discussed in public Thursday morning before its 35-member governing board. The new path is charted in the form of 17 pages of slides plus annotations on a 17,000-word ballot initiative, which is more than twice as long as the U.S. Constitution.

The documents were posted online by CIRM yesterday afternoon, two and a half days before this week’s meeting.... 

You can read the full item here on the new platform for the California Stem Cell Report, the only independent, news and information source devoted solely to the Golden State's stem cell research program, the first of its kind in state history. 

This blog's migration to a new platform is aimed at improving service to readers and helping to bring a new focus to our coverage, which began in January 2005 and which has carried in 5,000 items since then.

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