Monday, March 08, 2021

California Stem Cell Flashback: When CIRM Was Homeless and Without an HQ

CIRM is now based in Oakland. Here is what it looked like prior to a CIRM board
 meeting in 2019. The view from the 16th floor includes the San Francisco Bay. 
Photo: California Stem Cell Report

Editor’s note: Sixteen years ago California’s stem cell program was basically homeless. It had barely come into being. It had no way to pay its bills or even employees. This link will take you to an item from Jan. 25, 2005, on the California Stem Cell Report that captures a slice of what it was like back then.  It also comments on today's situation at the agency's headquarters in Oakland, where space needs appear to be changing. 

Speaking of changes, the California Stem Cell Report has moved to a new platform. Be sure to subscribe free on the new site so that you don't miss out on information that goes to researchers and policy makers throughout the state. 

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