Saturday, March 13, 2021

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Don't miss news and information concerning critical developments at the $12 billion California stem cell agency. It is the leading, independent and reliable source for all that happens at the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). 

With more than 3 million page views and more than 5,000 items during the last 16 years, the Report's readers range from researchers throughout California to across the nation. Not to mention policymakers and entrepreneurs in the burgeoning stem cell field. "Indispensable" is how the Los Angeles Times described the California Stem Cell Report.

You can subscribe on the blog's new platform while reading the latest CIRM news. Please do it today. Here are recent links and excerpts that will take you to the location where you can subscribe with just one click.  

Telling the California Stem Cell Story: A Matter of Billions of Dollars

Building a Base of Voter Support

Can the stork be relied on to bring stem cell cash?

The respected California news service Capitol Weekly this week brought the exploits of the state’s $12 billion stem cell agency to a much wider audience than normal -- one that includes policymakers, lobbyists, lawmakers and even some information-hungry folks in the general public. 

The case in point involves the $17 million provided by the stem cell agency to help finance the world’s first clinical trial to treat spina bifida in the womb. ....

Bulldogs and Babies: World's First Trial to Treat Spina Bifida in the Womb

UC Davis Research Began More than 10 Years Ago

Bulldog pups were tested earlier in the spina bifida research and came out lively. UCD video

Backed by $17 million in cash from California’s stem cell agency, researchers at UC Davis this month are launching “the world’s first clinical trial using stem cells to treat spina bifida before the child is born.”...


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