Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CIRM Vice Chairman Vote Delayed

The California stem cell agency has deferred a decision on a vote to select the new vice chairman of its board of directors – State Democratic Party Chairman Art Torres or Duane Roth, head of an economic development group and who currently sits on the 29-member board.

John M. Simpson
, stem cell project director for Consumer Watchdog of Santa Monica, Ca., wrote about the delay on his organization's blog.

He said,
"The surprising delay of the vote will give ICOC members more time to think about exactly what attributes the vice chair should have.  For some members the decision could come down to this: If Roth loses, he remains on the board and presumably continues as the productive member many think he has been. Torres would be a new player, bringing strong political connections to Sacramento and Washington -- but does the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) really need and benefit from that?"
Simpson also has a statement from Roth on why he is the best candidate for the job. Torres has been in Washington for the inaugural, and no statement is currently available from him.

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