Friday, January 30, 2009

CIRM Says California Stem Cell Report is 'One-Sided'

The chief PR person for the California stem cell agency this morning volunteered the following comment on the items that appeared last night on the California Stem Cell Report.

Don Gibbons said in an email:
"Once again you have written a one sided piece using only half Dr Pizzo's quote. He said we have heard two avenues this evening, a route to darkness AND a path to hope. We presented creative solutions to make existing funds stretch to meet all commitmets through October and a solution for ongoing funding that a national expert gave us 80 to 90 percent odds of suceeding."
Philip Pizzo is dean of the Stanford Medical School and a director of the California stem cell agency.

During last night's meeting, he raised questions about the proposal to sell bonds privately for CIRM.

At one point, Pizzo said that while he loved or respected the notion that there is a "pathway out of a route to darkness," the situation has changed dramatically from 2006 when CIRM sold bond anticipation notes to finance its operations. He said potential investors in CIRM bonds are feeling "tremendous pain right now." He said that "a reality check" might be in order on the prospects for the private placement plan.

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