Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stem Cell Research Funding in Lieu of Everything Else?

Attorney Kristie Prinz of the California Biotech Law Blog says the points raised in the our "Millions for Science vs. Cuts in Medical Help for the Poor" are well-taken.

She writes,
"Clearly, California voters believed in the value of stem cell research when they voted for Proposition 71, and there is little doubt that stem cell research has the potential to be tremendously beneficial to the state's biotech community, but did the voters really intend to fund stem cell research with state taxpayer money in lieu of everything else?"
Prinz continues,
"In my opinion, Jensen's point is well-taken.  As a transplant from the South--not Southern California, but the 'real' South--I have always been uncomfortable with California's ballot initiatives for the simple reason that I always felt like I was missing some critical information to making a decision: the budget.  I have run my law firm now for five years, and I can assure you that while I made some mistakes early on, I quickly learned that a business owner cannot make any spending decision without carefully reviewing the budget that will finance such spending.  I serve on a nonprofit board of directors, and the same is true in making spending decisions for that organization.

"Yet, as a California voter, I am somehow expected to make a decision on a ballot initiative without being able to see the overall financial picture of the state.

"Does this really make sense?"
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