Friday, December 21, 2012

San Diego Newspaper Calls for Major Changes at California Stem Cell Agency

The San Diego U-T today ran an editorial that was headlined “Stem cell research institute must fix itself.”

The editorial was written in response to findings by the Institute of Medicine that the $3 billion California stem cell should make sweeping changes to deal with issues ranging from conflicts of interest to management structure.

The San Diego U-T editorial came as part of a unanimous reaction so far from California newspapers.

The San Diego paper said,
“We hope we are wrong in thinking that, given the number of times the same criticisms of CIRM have come up over the past seven years, the agency doesn’t really take them seriously.
“If that is the agency’s attitude, it could well be a fatal error. CIRM has enough money remaining from the original $3 billion to continue awarding research grants for another four years. But it will either have to go back to California voters in 2014 or 2016 for another bond issue to continue its operations or find a different source of funding.
“Whichever CIRM decides, whoever is asked to foot the bill, either taxpayers or the private sector will demand transparency and accountability. We hope CIRM can demonstrate it.”

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