Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winners From Today's Awards by the California Stem Cell Agency

The 12 winners in the latest round of grants from the California stem cell agency all come from institutions linked to directors on the agency's governing board. Board members with conflicts of interest are not allowed to vote on the grants or participate in the debate. Since the inception of the agency, more than 90 percent of its awards have gone to institutions linked to the directors. Here is a link to the CIRM press release on today's meeting.

Here is the list of researchers who won awards today.

New Faculty Physician Scientist Translational Research Awards

RN3-06530Robert BalohCedars-Sinai Medical Center $3,031,737.00
RN3-06378Reza ArdehaliUniversity of California, Los Angeles $2,930,388.00
RN3-06504Jason PomerantzUniversity of California, San Francisco $3,084,000.00
RN3-06396Mana ParastUniversity of California, San Diego $3,013,252.00
RN3-06425Tracy GrikscheitChildren's Hospital of Los Angeles $3,408,000.00
RN3-06532Tippi MacKenzieUniversity of California, San Francisco $2,661,742.00
RN3-06479Ann Capela ZoveinUniversity of California, San Francisco $3,084,000.00
RN3-06529Alan ChengStanford University $3,091,595.00
RN3-06455Ali NsairUniversity of California, Los Angeles $3,004,315.00
RN3-06460Emanual MaverakisUniversity of California, Davis $2,964,000.00
RN3-06510Michelle MonjeStanford University $2,800,536.00
RN3-06525Ophir KleinUniversity of California, San Francisco $3,084,000.00
Total   $36,157,565.00

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