Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Covering the California Stem Cell Agency from Panama

For those of you interested in the unlovely details of how we cover the  California stem cell agency, here is a quick look at the process for today's meeting.

We are anchored in a sailboat in Panama Bay off the City of Panama. We will attempt to log into a phone broadcast of the agency's governing board meeting in Los Angeles using the instructions provided on the meeting agenda. That will happen, we hope, using Skype, which can sometimes be dicey here. Our Internet connection is a via a USB modem to a Claro 3.5G wireless phone service. It is a prepaid account for "unlimited" use at $15 a month. We also have a cellular phone with prepaid service, as a possible backup, with a different provider. But that could prove to be very expensive for an eight-hour meeting.

On past board meetings, we used CIRM's Internet audiocast, which had its problems from time to time. CIRM appears to have dropped that service.

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