Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another Recess and Back At It

The following report on the California stem cell trial comes live from the Alameda County courtroom where the legal proceedings are underway. Your comments or questions are welcome as the trial progresses this afternoon.

We are just back from another recess. Bob Klein is off the stand. An official with the state treasurer's office has come and gone. Walter Barnes, chief administrative officer for CIRM, is on the stand. He came to CIRM from the state controller's office. He has been with CIRM since early in 2005. Barnes is detailing how warrants are prepared by state government. As you can tell from this and previous reports, the drama here is overwhelming. The hottest item I have is a hallway tidbit from Klein. He said CIRM had to produce 37,000 pages of documents for the folks who are suing to eliminate the agency. Stand by for more exciting reports.

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