Sunday, February 12, 2006

Klein Confirms $40 Million Commitment

Stem cell chairman Robert Klein says he is not expecting to be ready to have $50 million to hand over to the stem cell agency at its next scheduled meeting in April, but he says he is close.

During a brief interview following Friday's Oversight Committee meeting, we asked him for more details on his efforts to sell bond anticipation notes to fund the activities of the agency. He said he has more than $40 million in commitments but wants $50 million. Then, Klein said, the state treasurer's office will have to take five to six weeks to complete the paperwork, but he declined to go into more detail.

The notes are expected to be sold to philanthropic organizations. If CIRM loses the lawsuits against it, the notes will not be repaid.

The agency will run out of money in June under its present budget plan.

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