Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Can the Research Standards be Policed?

A lengthier version of The Sacramento Bee story on the stem cell research standards is now available on The Bee's website. Among other things, it says,
"Jesse Reynolds, Center for Genetics and Society program director, complained that potential grantees got a private meeting with the agency's staff to give their input on the guidelines in December. He also said the state's stem cell institute doesn't have enough staff to effectively police researchers' compliance with the standards."
The article also said,
"'What we did is so far ahead of the rest of the United States that I think these will become the national standards,' said Bernard Lo, the working group's co-chair. 'We really want to be in the lead here in terms of ethical standards, as well as the research.'"

Lo said he believed CIRM would have sufficient staff to police the standards.

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