Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mystery Meeting Solved

The subject of the mystery meeting at CIRM has been solved. For you diligent readers, you may recall that the Standards Working Group scheduled a meeting for Feb. 28 but nothing was on the agenda. Here is the list of the significant items to be discussed that were posted today.
"Scientific presentations and group discussion of current issues in stem cell science.
"Clinical trials
"iPS experiments \
"Report on CIRM Guidelines for Oocyte Donation.
"Report and discussion of regulatory consideration for CIRM MES regulations."
It appears to be a worthwhile and informative session. We are looking to some background information on these subjects prior to the meeting.

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  1. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Mystery continues...

    So here it is a week later - two days before the meeting - and there is still no additional information about the agenda on the CIRM website. No background documents. No indication of how much time will be spent on each item. No further details about the scope of discussion on any of teh topics.

    This obviously makes it very difficult to prepare for the meeting.

    Marcy Darnovsky
    Center for Genetics and Society


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