Friday, February 29, 2008

Wired Piece on CIRM Lab Program

The California stem cell agency's latest news concerning its vaunted $758 million (including matching funds) lab construction program received a little more attention today in a piece by yours truly on

The article is a slightly briefer version of what we wrote Thursday on this blog, but it did include later information about the availability of the latest application information on the CIRM website. Ellen Rose, spokeswoman for CIRM, says the applications should be up sometime next week.

Regarding the "attention" reference above, Wired has a slightly larger reach than this modest website. According to Wired's web site, it has 4 million "average unique users" a month.

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  1. This is exciting... can't wait for the completion of the lab construction program... and to see what new technologies result. Your updates are fascinating.


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