Friday, February 08, 2008

Rubenstein Responds to 'Laundering' Charges

We asked Patrick Smith, executive vice president of Rubenstein Associates, for a response on "laundering" charges made below by the Foundation for Consumer and Taxpayers Rights. Following are the questions and his verbatim response.
"Do you think it is appropriate for your firm to 'launder' its advice to governmental agencies through the agency's attorneys? Is this common practice for your firm? Is it a good PR strategy for your client to engage in such surreptitious maneuvers? What is the nature of the contract that CIRM reports it is negotiating with your firm? Does your firm have any links with Rubenstein Public Relations? Please feel free to add any additional information that you think is appropriate."
Smith's response:
"Given the tone of your questions, which assume a negative before you have determined the fact, one wonders if this is a wasted effort. It is not uncommon in situations such as this for law firms to retain p.r. Counsel to ensure that any public statement or action is coordinated with the legal strategy, especially when a confidential investigation is involved."

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