Wednesday, May 14, 2008

FDA Says Whoa to Geron

The FDA slammed on the brakes today on Geron, which had been hoping to launch clinical trials this year on a treatment for persons with spinal injuries.

News reports said it was unclear why the FDA imposed the clinical hold on the test, but it is good bet that the action could be linked to the FDA's hearings last month on stem cell clinical trials. Cautionary notes seemed to be the order of the day at the session.

Geron said it was disappointed in the action. The company's stock plummeted nearly 20 percent following the news, closing $3.94.

Steve Johnson
of the San Jose Mercury News and Monya Baker of the Niche blog for Nature magazine both wrote today about the FDA action.

Baker covered the FDA hearings last month and produced the most comprehensive reports on the proceedings. She has links to all her coverage in her Geron item today, plus a link to her interview with the Marie Csete, chief scientific officer for the California stem cell agency, concerning the issues involved in placing stem cells in persons.

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