Thursday, May 01, 2008

More Details Being Posted for CIRM Meeting Next Week

Background material is popping up on the web site for the meeting next week of the directors of the California stem cell agency.

Fresh documents involving the following areas are now up: New scientific reviewers, concept plans for training grants and the grants administration policy for businesses. Also posted were links to recommendations on the applications for $262 million in lab grants. Those were available previously under a different agenda.

Still to come for the meeting, which begins late Tuesday afternoon (roughly three business days from the time of this posting), is background information on the administration policy for the lab grants, the proposal for fast-tracking "urgent" research opportunities, the definition of "California supplier" for CIRM purposes, documents pertaining to equipment funding for the lab grants and recommendations regarding the definition of "principal investigator" and his/her responsibilities.

To find documents and watch for additional postings, just click on the agenda here.

In a related matter, the Pleasanton teleconference location for the Biotech Loan Task Force meeting on Tuesday has been scrubbed.

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