Friday, May 09, 2008

Media Coverage, Lab Needs and a Proposal for a New CIRM Mantra

Here are a few more links to some of the Internet coverage concerning the CIRM meeting this week during which directors awarded $271 million in lab construction grants for stem cell research.

Chronicle of Higher Education
-- Jeffrey Brainard put together a bit of an overview, including discussion of conflicts of interest at CIRM.

The Niche, blog of Nature Reports Stem Cell – Monya Baker touches on some of the aspects of the media coverage and the need for the labs.

The Biopolitical Times, blog for the Center for Genetics and SocietyJesse Reynolds critiques stories by the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle on the lab awards.

Consumer Watchdog
-- John M. Simpson says the CIRM board of directors should begin each meeting by repeating the following quotation from Claire Pomeroy, one of its members and dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine, "All Californians are paying for Prop. 71 so all should benefit from it."

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