Monday, July 14, 2008

Coming Stem Cell Train Wreck?

The combination of Robert Klein as head of a state agency giving away $3 billion for stem cell research and presiding as well over a personal, stem cell lobbying group is a "train wreck waiting to happen," according to the Consumer Watchdog group.

John M. Simpson, stem cell project director for the Santa Monica, Ca., organization, said he welcomed Klein's apology for the "unseemly" attack on state Sen. Sheila Kuehl, lead author of legislation opposed by both the stem cell agency and Klein's group.

Simpson wrote on his organization's blog:
"The apologies are welcome.  However, so long as Klein remains chairman of the state stem cell agency, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, and president of the advocacy group, Americans for Cures, the situation remains a train wreck waiting to happen."
Simpson continued:
"Insisting on wearing both hats in untenable.  It damages the credibility of both CIRM and Americans for Cures. Klein needs to realize his dual roles seriously undermine the dedicated staff of both organizations."

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