Friday, July 11, 2008

Klein's Lobbying Group Apologizes for Blistering Attack on Kuehl

The lobbying group controlled by Robert Klein, chairman of the California stem cell agency, today apologized to state Sen. Sheila Kuehl for the personal attack on her that it published on the influential national political blog, the Daily Kos.

The co-executive directors of Americans for Cures, Amy Daly and Constance McKee, said the language in the item, which included such terms as "dumb," "craven" and "ignorant," was inappropriate. Daly said the item had been removed from the Daily Kos.

Here is the text of their apology, which they asked the California Stem Cell Report to run.
"To all who have read the Americans for Cures diary posted on DailyKos regarding SB 1565:

"We write to offer a formal apology to Senator Kuehl and her supporters. This posting did not go through our normal review clearances. The choice of language was inappropriate and did not reflect the respect that senior members of the organization have for Senator Kuehl.

"We have always appreciated her efforts and were disappointed that her single payer plan was not implemented. She has historically been a great health care advocate for the people of California. This is why it has been so frustrating to us that she is working with Senator Runner – who is strongly anti-embryonic stem cell research – to implement a bill that could frustrate efforts to get stem cell therapies to patients.

"We were wrong in our characterization of her. We have been working hard to educate everyone about the perils of this bill. No one is questioning it precisely because Senator Kuehl has been such an effective advocate. Our frustrations prevented us from using good judgment in our post, and we apologize profusely for our insensitive and unwarranted remarks.

"It should be noted that Bob Klein was completely unaware of our actions on this. We have not spoken to him or met with him in well over two weeks. I’m certain that he is as disappointed in our judgment as you, and we, are.

"Please forgive us and please put the blame for this where it belongs – on Americans for Cures Foundation staff involved in this individual posting – not on Bob Klein. Americans for Cures Foundation has learned from this experience and will re-institute the tight control it has historically had over its postings.


"Amy Daly & Constance McKee"

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