Tuesday, January 17, 2012

California Stem Cell Agency Slated for More Bond Funding This Spring

The California stem cell agency is slated to secure additional bond funding this spring when the financially troubled Golden State initiates a new round of borrowing.

CIRM Chairman Jonathan Thomas told directors today that the $3 billion agency will be involved  in the upcoming round. He did not specify the amount that CIRM would receive or the timing of the bond issue.

The agency's only significant funding comes from state bonds, whose funds flow directly to CIRM. The governor and legislature cannot touch the CIRM funds under the terms of the ballot measure that created the research effort in 2004.

Last year at this time, the state suspended bond sales. At the time, CIRM had sufficient funds to meet its commitments until about June of this year. Late last year, Thomas worked out a temporary funding arrangement with the governor's financial aides to cover any possible shortfall.

Thomas made the announcement at the beginning of today's CIRM board meeting in San Diego.

Currently CIRM President Alan Trounson is reviewing new stem cell research that has been published recently.

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