Thursday, January 05, 2012

IOM Holding Hearings on California Stem Cell Agency in San Francisco Jan. 24-25

The California Stem Cell Report will be mostly dark during the next two weeks since its editor, yours truly, will be out of Internet range sailing in the Perlas islands south of Panama.

However, we want to let you know that a meeting of the governing board of the California stem cell agency is scheduled for Jan. 17 in San Diego. Also, the Institute of Medicine later this month will hold one of its two public sessions in California to assess the performance of the $3 billion stem cell research effort. The agenda for the Jan. 24-25 meeting in San Francisco had not been posted at the time of this writing. But the IOM said it will be available at least 10 days ahead of the meeting.

The IOM also has not yet filled the spot on the CIRM study panel vacated by David Scadden of Harvard when he resigned last month because of a conflict of interest involving Fate Therapeutics of San Diego.

If you are eager to delve into the details of what the CIRM governing board is up to, you can find the agenda and perhaps additional background information at this location on the CIRM web site when it is posted, probably by Jan. 7. While the meeting is scheduled for San Diego, usually one or two remote locations around the state are available where interested parties can participate. The California Stem Cell Report does plan to cover the meeting live via the Internet audiocast and file reports as warranted.

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