Thursday, January 05, 2012

Golden State Stem Cell Agency to Give Away $42,237 an Hour This Year

The California stem cell agency plans to hand out $370 million this year, including a whopping $240 million in what it calls its disease team round.

That amounts to $42,237 every hour of every day of 2012.

Amy Adams, CIRM's communications manager, reported the $370 million figure in the CIRM research blog, which she edits. The other rounds of funding for 2012, Adams wrote, include $95 million for early translational research, $35 million for basic biology and $2.2 million for stem cell research by high school students. Those funds would be routed through universities.

So far CIRM has handed out $1.2 billion to 454 recipients in the seven years it has been in business. It is expected to run out of its $3 billion in about 2017 unless it secures voter approval of more bond funding or some other source of revenue.

Adams' item on the funding expected to be approved this year is part of CIRM's efforts to make its research blog more lively and newsy. Indeed, unless we are mistaken, it is the first time in the history of the agency that it has laid out its funding plans for a forthcoming year in a single public document.

In her item, Adams also pointed to various locations on the CIRM web site where interested parties can track the agency's affairs.

The changes in the blog are a step in the right direction, laying out not only more information but also racheting up the interest level.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning this blog entry. I thought you'd be interested in this link:

    I've updated our page on CIRM rounds of funding to include upcoming funding commitments. This list is currently a work in progress, but should be complete within the next few days. It includes the funding commitments that I mentioned in my blog.

    Amy Adams
    CIRM Communications Manager


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