Monday, September 03, 2012

A Business Perspective on Stem Cell Grant Appeals

A stem cell company business executive sent the following comment via email concerning the item on the four appeals that have been filed on grant applications to be considered by the board of the California stem cell agency Wednesday and Thursday:
“I find it very interesting that the academics have found a way to appeal decisions that they do not agree with.  Outstanding for-profit company grant applications have been denied any right of appeal for years. In my discussions with some of the school who are appealing, their common complaint is that the reviewers did not read their applications, must have been someone else’s!  WOW!  Ninety-seven percent of funds to date have gone to the academics. Of the 3 percent, most of it went to three handpicked companies.  Looks like the status quo is not changing.  I predict that a year from now the percentages will be about the same.”

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